Goal Settings

When You Want to Do Everything

Does this Situation Sound Familiar to You?

Today, thanks for the internet, people share a lot of experiences and adventures to their friends on different social media platforms. Also people have more channels to acquire more information and knowledge from various resources. Ambitious group of people would have a lot things on their to do list, they call them bucket list or dream list, for life. It’s more like living document, you keep adding what you want to do in that sheet, and year after year, you accomplish only a few of them. Sounds familiar the situation?

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What Do You Do In Your Lunch Break?

What Makes Me Thinking About my Lunch Time Utilization

If you are a working professional or work from home group, or students, or working mom, you definitely will have some lunch time, mostly. Usually there is no specific time for start and end time, but for tech people working in Seattle like me, I usually have 1 hour lunch break and it usually starts at 12pm when I about to get hungry after 3 hours working in the morning. However one hour for lunch, Continue reading “What Do You Do In Your Lunch Break?”

My Life, Uncategorized

Since I Moved to New Place

I moved!
I live in Seattle, it’s a beautiful city in pacific north west. I love this city so much. I also work in Seattle, near downtown but not quite in the center of it. The first apartment after I moved to Seattle from San Francisco is located in Lynnwood, WA.
Lynnwood is city 16 miles away fro Seattle metropolitan area. Where I lived before was in the intersection of two major highways in Seattle, I-405 and I-5. It’s a convenient location and my apartment is just right next to the Alderwood mall, a big shopping center in the north.

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What is your Labor Day Long Weekend Plan?

It’s coming the 3-day long weekend!

So it’s the Friday before labor day long weekend starts. Most of co-workers are either working from home or have the day off to start their vacation a day earlier. It’s the chilling atmosphere before 3 day long weekend. What are you going to do for this long weekend? Every one asks. So, I would like to share what I am going to do in these coming three days.

My ideal plan

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My Night Routine

Why Night Routine is Important to Me

Okay, now. Most of you guys have morning routine, and also you heard about having a routine helps you keeping track on your life and autopilot makes you live better and happier. Having a morning routine makes you starting your day efficiently and full of energy. Why not we don’t do the same thing at night also? Having a night routine is also important to me, it not only Continue reading “My Night Routine”


Planning matters

Planning is important, why?
You heard people say if you have a goal, the next step you should do is have a plan and execute it. You also heard people say, no matter how you plan it, execution is the thing that can decide whether you will be successful. I heard a lot of these since I started paying attention on find a better way to make my life different. And just like you, I keep seeing these suggestions and reading similar concepts

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How Morning Routine Means to Me

“When everyone is talking about routine„

Lot’s of people know having a morning routine will help you organize your life. successful people mention what keeps them successful is to have a productive morning routine and stick with it until it becomes natural habit of you. I heard these kind of theories hundred of thousands of time, now and then, it’s never changed. I would not disagree morning routine can keep your life organized and also keep you energetic and productive since early morning, since I have started adopted it.

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