How Morning Routine Means to Me

“When everyone is talking about routine„

Lot’s of people know having a morning routine will help you organize your life. successful people mention what keeps them successful is to have a productive morning routine and stick with it until it becomes natural habit of you. I heard these kind of theories hundred of thousands of time, now and then, it’s never changed. I would not disagree morning routine can keep your life organized and also keep you energetic and productive since early morning, since I have started adopted it.

I want to share my morning rouinte (current one) with you, and I am willing to hear more from you about what’s yours 🙂

“My morning routine„


wake up, brush teeth and wash face, toilet. after that, drink a half cup of room temperature water. Go to the kitchen and put two toast into oven and start boiling water for white coffee or sometimes brewing black coffee.


start writing morning page. I open my Evernote and write between 10-25 minutes depends on whether I am rush.


prepare breakfast and eat. usually i turn on the Bloomberg news from YouTube live channel, watching news while eating.


finished breakfast, go back to my room and change clothes. prepare my bag (normally i don’t take things in and out that often, so preparation of bag only like taking my orca bus card out, and make sure I bring my wallet and my working laptop). wash breakfast dishes really quick


get ready and leave for work.

“Why I feel beneficial about my routine„

Sounds like my morning routine is really easy and quick, and not many tricks. It’s about 1 hour in total from getting up to going out. you might think nah…it’s not that productive or it’s not really special as I heard from other people say or read from other blogs. Yeah you are right, it’s nothing fancy, but it’s simple and easy to do. Every steps are needed and in a flow. writing morning page helps me clearing my thoughts out of brain, and get myself more active both physically and mentally. then quickly prepare breakfast and bag, and cleaning, get my body moved around, so i won’t feel fatigue and already getting into the right mode for the day. even drink a half cup of water is kinda healthy for myself. while eating, i also absorbing what’s going on in the world, i simply read headlines and heading in the news to get some idea of trends. in one hour, my body and my mind both get prepared for starting a day fresh. And as you see, every move is autopilot, i don’t even think one second about what i have to do for next. that’s habitual and natural, it’s already a habit and a must do. i don’t see any disadvantage so far and I keep doing this for 1 year so far.

“How if I miss it, and not in streak anymore„

However, sometimes, especially during vacation or after vacation, it’s hard to keep it. i’ll say just let it go. enjoy whatever you are in at the moment, routine should not give you any pressure. it helps you get more organized but not necessarily to be forced to do. sometimes you don’t really want any helps to get yourself organized or productive. relax is another productivity, to help you get more energy to do things in the future. And, everybody needs it. So don’t get frustration, if you forgot or don’t have time, or just simply don’t want to do, just leave it.

“Suggestions for my morning routine„

I am proud of myself of keep doing my morning routine, and thanks to my routine I can have more productive and fulfilled life. Now I am trying to get up even earlier, like 30 minutes earlier, so I can add 1-2 morning routine in. That’s for myself, like my learning or my reading. Especially right now it’s summer time, i like to adapt myself to the sun time. it’s so good. If you don’t have morning routine yet, try to create one, even just one is enough, things can be added once you want to add it. i always believe if you do something with enough motivation, you will stand up and proactively do it. no one can force you to do things you don’t want to do, except yourself. let’s start trying, and keep doing it, to feel how beneficial it is for you. cheers!

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