My Night Routine

Why Night Routine is Important to Me

Okay, now. Most of you guys have morning routine, and also you heard about having a routine helps you keeping track on your life and autopilot makes you live better and happier. Having a morning routine makes you starting your day efficiently and full of energy. Why not we don’t do the same thing at night also? Having a night routine is also important to me, it not only helps me relaxing myself after a long day work, but also prepares me for the next day with a good condition. I am not sitting on the couch and watching the TV aimlessly every night, with night routine, I am more productive but relaxed to finish my day.


What is My Night Routine Like?

I get off the work at 5:30pm and drive 30 minutes home. At 6pm, I spent 20 minutes cooking dinner, and eating with a 40 minutes long tv show. Then I always wash dishes right after meal. Leaving dirty dishes to the next day makes me feel bad because I don’t like to smell something weird from the sink in the morning, or I don’t like to wash a lot of dishes before I can use my sink. I take 30 minutes walk around why neighborhood, if not the case, I will do a 30 minutes exercise before the dinner, depends on the day. Then I take shower after the walk, also 30 minutes. Personally I take a quick shower but without missing any steps of pampering myself. I put on the body location thoroughly, face cream, serum, eye cream, and foot care sometimes. Normally it’s around 8-8:30pm, not too bad, sometimes 9pm. So, it’s my self improvement time now. I work on my side project or learn something new for 1 hour, getting hustle or practicing the topic i want to learn to improve my skills align with my career development or just for fun. Basically in this 1 hour, just want to do something that I don’t have a chance to do during daytime. This helps me feeling productive to finish the day. And feel more fulfilled too. Around 10-10:30pm, I start reading. Reading the book that helps me get inspired, or novels or small stories that I can relieve stress. At the same time, I make a cup of hot tea, black tea or green tea, or most of time, herbal tea that can detox me and relax me. this is the last step of my night routine before sleep, it depends on how sleepy i am, or how interesting the book i m reading, or how early I need to get up the next day. And I lay down no later than 11:30pm.


Something I Want to Improve for My Night Routine

I have been having night routine for a year now, and I feel so good. Although time is limited, I would like to maximize every minute to make it worth. Not putting myself in a stressed condition, everything about your routine should make you better mentally or physically. Next time I want to add some stretching before sleep, also want to ask my boyfriend accompany with me when walking, so we can share and talk while walking. I realize the relationship part is kind of missing from my routine, and this is the part I want to improve more. If you already have the night routine, I am so happy for you and would encourage you keep doing it. If you don’t have yet, it’s not too late to start one for yourself, you can start something easy and continue doing it until you add the next one. Just get used to it. Better late than never, let’s keep making ourselves better and better everyday!

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