What is your Labor Day Long Weekend Plan?

It’s coming the 3-day long weekend!

So it’s the Friday before labor day long weekend starts. Most of co-workers are either working from home or have the day off to start their vacation a day earlier. It’s the chilling atmosphere before 3 day long weekend. What are you going to do for this long weekend? Every one asks. So, I would like to share what I am going to do in these coming three days.

My ideal plan

My plan for the long weekend should include different aspects: self improvement, health, relationship (love and friendship), mentality. since I don’t have any traveling plan (i mean traveling abroad or across the country for few days long that kind), I can stay in Seattle and enjoy the weekend as much as I want. It’s good for me to have a plan that covers from different aspects.

Basically the long weekend starts from Friday night, and I am going to meet a friend in town who flies in from San Francisco, to catch up with her in a newly open restaurant in Bellevue. On Saturday morning, I will spend whole day time go hiking to Mt. Rainier with my friends. it’s all about walking and hiking, of course with a lot of driving. And after that, I am planning to work on my side project on Saturday night.

Sunday morning, it’s time for me to catch up with my boyfriend and enjoy our own time after publishing a blog post that I am working on right now. We will be having brunch in a restaurant that both of us haven’t tried yet. Afternoon time is another self improvement session. I plan to keep my learning process on AngularJS by watching online tutorials. For the night, I will have BBQ with my friends and have our friendship time for all night.

Monday morning, planning to meet a mother long time no see friend in town, I haven’t met her for at least 3 years. We definitely need to catch up again. afternoon, thinking about go to a coffee shop somewhere in Seattle that I haven’t tried. And thinking/working a bit on my side project, and chit chat with my boyfriend. Monday night, it’s about relax and plan for the next week. will be calling to my parents to have family talk, and then watching tv shows at home with home made dinner, of course will have a after meal walk around community/ or window shopping kinda stuff. And get well prepared for the next week mentally and physically ready.

I think my plan works

I think with this rough plan, though seems like I do a lot but not pressure/stressed enough. it helps me get totally relaxed, also increase connections between friends and family. Furthermore, I improve myself everyday while keep my body health by hiking and walking.

What is your long weekend plan?

I like the way I am planning. What is your long weekend plan? If you don’t have any ideas yet, feel free to reference mine to get some thoughts on what you want to do to make your life better and fulfilled.
Bon weekend everyone!

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