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Since I Moved to New Place

I moved!
I live in Seattle, it’s a beautiful city in pacific north west. I love this city so much. I also work in Seattle, near downtown but not quite in the center of it. The first apartment after I moved to Seattle from San Francisco is located in Lynnwood, WA.
Lynnwood is city 16 miles away fro Seattle metropolitan area. Where I lived before was in the intersection of two major highways in Seattle, I-405 and I-5. It’s a convenient location and my apartment is just right next to the Alderwood mall, a big shopping center in the north.

However, my work location is in the Lower Queen Anne, which is a neighborhood in Seattle. It’s a beautiful area next to Space Needle, along the bay, so many great restaurants located in. However, there is no direct bus from Lynnwood to Lower Queen Anne. Every morning I need to take 2 buses to the office, and usually it takes me 1.5 hour to arrive my work place. Notice that, everyday I spend 3 hours at least on commute. Honestly, it’s a pain for me, that’s really a long commute i have ever taken. I need to find some way to solve it, I need to move to somewhere closer.
How I Save my Time a lot After Moving
After living in Lynnwood for 3 months, I found another place in Ballard, also a neighborhood in northwestern part of Seattle. There is a historical town center here, it’s a Scandinavian roots and past marine time area. I like this small but interesting area. And the most important is, it saves my commute time to 10 minutes driving everyday! So nice, right?
Now everyday I have 2.5 hours saved from my older way commute, I should take some actions to make it worth and use my time more effective.
What I did for my Old Commute
I still remember when I did my old commute, on the bus, honestly not much you can do. But I still try to utilize my time well, either for self improvement or relax from exhausts (usually on the way back home).
There are few things I did on the bus:
  1. listien to podcasts
  2. think of any ideas for my side projects
  3. list of what I want to do later at work
  4. talk to my family or friends
  5. other miscellaneous like making a reservation for dinners with friends etc.
I gained a lot of knowledge from listening the podcasts. Also connect with some friends that I haven’t talked for a long while.
What I have Changed to Adapt New Commute
Those are not easily to be done for my new commute way. It’s like 10 minutes driving from home. Usually I listen to radio only in 10 minutes, try to catch up news for the day. I left home late now, meaning I can do more at home before work.
For now, it’s been 2 weeks only after I moved to new place in Ballard. What I have tried to do before work are, writing blog posts and reading. I find that reading in the morning makes me more productive for the day, since my brain is started flowing and thinking. I have a habit writing morning page (reference to my previous post), so I am more awake already.
Reading used to be my night routine thing, but recently I added to my morning routine list, and want to see how that fits my schedule. So far I like it, and will keep doing it. Next thing might be start planning what I want to read for the morning. I will create a list of books and try to ready at least one book a month. (adding to my next goal for reading)
Find Solution, but not Complaining
I know not everyone has the same commute way as I do. People might still need to spend 3 hours commute and cannot move just because of distance, they might already buy a house in a good area though it’s just far. But I believe people always find better way for them to save their commute time as short as possible or make use of it more effective as they can.
Leaving home early and leave office late is what most of commuters do, also carpooling with coworkers saves time too, moving to somewhere closer if you hate commute like me is an another option. There are more articles online discussing how people utilize their time on commute, so I don’t repeat here.
No matter what is suitable for you, find the solution you really like. In that case, you won’t be complaining about commute everyday, that would make your thoughts more negative, and feel unhappy for your life. If you see the something may keep you complaining all the time, find the solution and solve it for yourself, you will find your life happier and better.

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