What Do You Do In Your Lunch Break?

What Makes Me Thinking About my Lunch Time Utilization

If you are a working professional or work from home group, or students, or working mom, you definitely will have some lunch time, mostly. Usually there is no specific time for start and end time, but for tech people working in Seattle like me, I usually have 1 hour lunch break and it usually starts at 12pm when I about to get hungry after 3 hours working in the morning. However one hour for lunch, is kind of too long for me sometimes, if there is no group lunch or lunch meeting wit your team, usually I still have 30 minutes remaining after I finish my meal. That makes me think about how I can utilize my time wisely and effectively. So I would like to share what I usually do during my lunch time.


What I Do During My Lunch Break

Normally I take 1 hour lunch break everyday. I eat my lunch for 20-30 minutes, after that,sometimes I will take a walk around my office. Or sometimes I use this time to do my personal side project or have relaxed time calling to my friend and catch up. Lunch break is a good time to utilize, for example, while i m walking in the park around my office, I will also think about my blog post ideas or my side work, or what I need to finish for my work in the afternoon, or some questions I need to ask the team lead or think about emails that I need to send out or reply later. And when I am back to the office, if still I have few minutes free before working, I will do the small amount time consuming tasks so I don’t need to leave until at home. Sometimes I would like to have relax myself during lunch break, I will call to my friends and catch up what each other is doing recently and chitchat a bit. Talking to my friends helps me relaxed and release my stress from work.


What People Do During Their Lunch Time

There are 3 groups of people grouped by what they do in the lunch break: self improvement group, relaxed group and shopping group. Pretty straightforward that self-improvement group they do things that enhance their skills, like reading, learning or tutoring. relaxed group they do yoga or massage during lunch break to relieve the work stress. Shopping group, which I would think most of people somehow belonged to this one, they shop during lunch time like grocery shopping or shopping for what they need in nearby market/mall. Some people run an errand using lunch time, this is a good time to go for some personal errand and not need to take a day off or so.


What I Can Do to Improve For My Current Lunch Time Routine

I believe if you have a good plan ahead, you can utilize lunch time well. even though it’s just 1 hour roughly, you can still accomplish something important for you. I will try to add some self improvement plans into my lunch break after the meal, instead of calling to my friend or boyfriend while walking, I plan to listen to podcast or news as well, to learn more about unknown knowledge and the trends or the news. There is no shopping mall around my place, I can probably save some money for not shopping around blindly. What is your lunch break plan? Feel free to share!

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