Goal Settings

When You Want to Do Everything

Does this Situation Sound Familiar to You?

Today, thanks for the internet, people share a lot of experiences and adventures to their friends on different social media platforms. Also people have more channels to acquire more information and knowledge from various resources. Ambitious group of people would have a lot things on their to do list, they call them bucket list or dream list, for life. It’s more like living document, you keep adding what you want to do in that sheet, and year after year, you accomplish only a few of them. Sounds familiar the situation?

I believe many people encounter similar situations more or less in their lives, when you have so many desires, then what?


My Experience

I used to suffer from same situation too, and honestly even for now, sometimes I still don’t handle it well enough. For example, I like learning new languages, however I am not specialize in one of them. The learning curve for different language systems is varied. The most common situation would be like, I learn one language for few months, and then I may have interest learning another one maybe because I watch the drama from certain country and I want to understand their languages, or I always want to speak xyz language so I can’t wait jumping to the xyz language 101 class to learn the alphabet! Thing like this happens a lot on me for different aspects. In many cases, you might end up accomplishing nothing or you have done everything you want but just not specialized enough to utilize them practically. I have a really bad habit, every time when I have many things to do, I don’t actually want to do anything at all. Too busy or too lazy.


What You can Start Trying Today

Because focusing on too many thing at one time will distract you from what you can accomplish, you need a better way to handle it, there are a couple of things you can try:
  1. Keep a list. Write down everything you want to do now and future, and keep it as a living document, you can add or remove items anytime.
  2. Prioritize. Prioritizing your list. let’s say you have 100 things on the list, the first thing you need to do is circling 10 most important tasks you wan to do the most, otherwise you will feel uncomfortable. Those are things you really care about and would like to accomplish now.
  3. Small steps help. Break these big items into several steps as detailed as possible. Every step should be able to accomplish within certain amount of time, a week, a month or a year.
  4. Add to your daily todo. Start adding steps you break down from step 3 into your daily to-dos.
  5. Start new task. Once you accomplish one goal or cross off one item from your living doc, add another one into your 10 most important tasks list. Always keeping it 10, no more no less. You don’t want to lose your focus by adding too many at one time.


Stop Envying Others, and Start Your Own Journey

It’s always good for you to have motivations and inspiration to learn new skills, try new things or push your limitation up, but having too may desires in your mind might distract you from what you should focus on and stray away from target gradually.
You don’t want to replicate what other people’s bucket list, you just need to follow your heart on what you really want to do in your life. Everyone doesn’t have exact the same desire. You don’t need to feel any pressure if you see other people finish many tasks in their lives , it’s unnecessary to envy others. Because there will be a someday, that other people start envying you about what you’ve done, as long as you focus on your targets and accomplish them step by step by putting all your effort. Nothing is more rewardable from what you have accomplished and achieved with perseverance and hard-working!

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